Andrew has a wealth of experience and knowledge selling condos and properties in the downtown core, which I found indispensable
Andrew is extremely accommodating even with the small things such as picking up keys, doing house checks, etc. He really goes the extra mile and makes the process easy for someone trying to sell a property from out of town.

George Philip, Condo Seller, June 2019.
I had been researching condos in Halifax while living in Toronto and knew I needed a knowledgeable agent who would advocate for me. After speaking to Andrew numerous times on the phone I felt very comfortable hiring him.
I visited Halifax 3 times during my condo search and each visit Andrew was professional, kind and understanding. He listened to me and went the extra mile. He met my sister in law, talked to my brother and my friends on the phone several times and even let the movers in. It was a pleasure working working with Andrew. I am beyond thrilled with my new condo.

Lisa Shulman, Condo Buyer
We had been searching for a condo in the uptown area; Andrew was able to identify an upcoming property that met our needs and proactively set up a time for us to get in to view the unit as soon as possible. This ultimately allowed us to get a beautiful unit that we are very happy with. Andrew was very responsive and accessible and helped us alleviate concerns we had; this helped make the process as easy as possible.

Rebecca & Ross, Condo Buyers
After knowing Andrew for several years, and sharing a seat on our condo board with him we were 100% certain that he was the right choice. Andrew has always been extremely professional, approachable and dependable and I knew he would treat the sale of our condo as a top priority.
My husband and I greatly appreciated how efficient and responsive Andrew was to every and all concerns we had. Andrew is extremely knowledgeable with knowing the market, especially in-regards to the optimal list time and price point. Andrew made the process seamless from minimizing the work on our end to ensuring viewings were scheduled at the best times for us, executing a successful open house and facilitating an offer within two weeks of listing.  

JP & Laura King, Condo Sellers
When I first purchased my condo I did some research to find out who knew about condos. I kept finding Andrew’s name. Andrew helped us examine thoughtfully all the options available and guided us through the painless purchase of a great condo. So now, 7 years later, when we decided it was time to sell the condo and buy a house, I never considered calling anyone else (although I have good friends who are real estate agents!) I knew selling the condo would be the more challenging transaction, and Andrew knows condos better than anyone! When it came to guiding us through the things to consider in our house purchase, again Andrew skillfully and objectively coached us and now we are happily ensconced in a house we love.

Charlene Boyce & Todd Denton, Condo Seller - Home Buyers
This is the second property I have purchased with Andrew and what I appreciate most of all is his honesty. Andrew pointed out the negatives on several listings and steered us away from making a bad decision. He was always working in our best interest! Andrew is easy to work with and is quick to respond to calls and questions. He has integrity and is very professional in his work. We sincerely trusted Andrew to help us make the right decision as his client’s interest are foremost. When we are ready to sell we will get in touch again. Thanks so much!

Donna Smyth, Condo Buyer
There was no question in our mind that we would hire Andrew to sell our condo when the time was right. Andrew was our real estate agent first (when we initially purchased the condo) but we now count ourselves lucky to consider him a friend. Andrew is everything someone would look for in a real estate agent - friendly, honest, and hardworking (among other things). We feel he has a genuine interest in the work he does and a good handle on the market conditions at any given time. We appreciated his realistic outlook and knew he would be candid with us throughout the process. Although the condo was sold in a matter of weeks (and closed in just over a month), Andrew had the patience over the last 2 years to answer any and all questions we had about timing and process. In the end, he exceeded our expectationsHe made himself very accessible throughout the entire process. This was especially important given that we were doing this from a distance. We felt that he wwas realistic in our expectations - which is something we really appreciate. He went the extra mile to work with us on having the property listed so quickly after it was vacated and even arranged for and facilitated the required repairs after inspection. In the end, his persistence in following up with an interested party was what landed us a sale. He had the good sense to know the right timing and approach with the buyer’s agent. His calmness throughout gave us peace of mind.

Brian and Christine Black, Condo Sellers
We heard nothing but good things about Andrew. On our first meeting it was apparent that he was very knowledgable about the market with lots of experience under his belt. He managed to answer all our questions and respond to all our concerns with honesty and proven facts.We truly appreciate Andrew’s honesty. We felt he was on our side all the way, providing us with his unbiased opinion and guiding us through out our purchase. He was also very patient and managed to keep up with our busy schedules with ease. He was always available when needed. And finally, he knew exactly what we wanted and helped us find the perfect place!He was absolutely fantastic!

Ahmed and Maha Alsayed, Condo Buyers
As a somewhat anxious and young first time home buyer, Andrew explained things clearly and comprehensively which kept stress levels low and the process much more exciting! I felt he was honest in his recommendations and he genuinely looked out for my best interest. Even though I was out of province, he did all he could to make the process run smoothly.I really enjoyed the organization of his website, it was clear and easy to follow, and he was prompt with responding to emails - no matter the abundance of questions I may have had.couldn’t have asked for a better Realtor - genuine, knowledgable, and honest!

Ellen Woodworth, Condo Buyer
After many years as home-owners, we were considering downsizing from a house to a condo. We did an internet search, and Andrew’s name kept on coming up - over and over! Everywhere we looked, he was noted to be knowledgeable and interested in doing the best job possible. At our first meeting, he was very straight-forward, and outlined all that he could (and would) do for us as we got back into the property market.ndrew did his utmost to “pre-select” condos that would be of interest to us. He took the time to listen to what we were saying, and made (mental) notes as we went through the first few properties. In no time at all, we were shown a variety of properties that ‘ticked the boxes’. There was no heavy sales pressure - just a commitment to find the right place for us when it came along. In addition, Andrew was able to facilitate the sale of our house. He managed the impossible, and sold our house at asking price before it went on the market. We couldn’t have asked for more!

Gord Gubitz and Donald Stevens, Condo buyers and home sellers
Amazing amazing amazing! Always answered every question I asked within a few minutes! Super friendly. Catered to my need to look at a million places in a few days. And helped me find a dream condo, understood everything I needed and found me my “home” that I am forever in love with.Thanks for everything! Highly recommend!!

Krista Vey, Condo Buyer
As I began trying to find condo options, I felt pretty lost up until I landed on Andrews’s website. It might not be the most beautiful looking site, but it gets the job done and made everything much easier. I reached out to Andrew through his website, after utilizing his fantastic search options, and through our brief initial contact I felt comfortable having Andrew help me with my search and eventual purchase.We enjoyed Andrew’s straight forward and honest approach. While Andrew was always available to give advice when asked, we never felt any pressure to purchase. From start to finish Andrew was there to guide us through the process. Andrew’s honesty cannot be emphasized enough. He always gave me his honest opinion about each unit, both good and bad. That was critical in providing enough trust between us to come to a decision. In addition to his honesty, the ease of which my purchase went through (especially considering most of it was long distance) with Andrew guiding us through the process start to finish.

Adel Helmi, Condo Buyer
We enjoyed Andrew’s straight forward and honest approach. While Andrew was always available to give advice when when asked, we never felt any pressure to purchase. From start to finish Andrew was there to guide us through the process.

Bill and Lisa Milliken, Condo Buyer
We hired Andrew because he is competent and knowledgable about the condo market.Andrew is highly approachable, friendly, and reasonable when facing the challenges of selling one’s home. He’s also up to date on all the modern methods of marketing and an effective sales person.

Paul and Heather, Condo Seller, Condo sold in 1 day on the market
Andrew was very responsive. Typically available by phone and very reactive. Personable, honest, efficient.

Rob and Janice Sutherland, Condo buyer
It was very easy, through Andrew, to access all the services that we required to finalize our purchase. Whether it was legal counsel or getting information on such things as window coverings, Andrew made it an easy task.

Russell and Ann Macdonald, New Construction Condo Buyers
Andrew was very accommodating and only showed us condos that were in the range of our interests, in type, amenities and location. There was one in particular that seemed to us to be the right condo, in the right building, in the right location for us. After we returned to Calgary and later made the offer, we felt Andrew represented us well. He was always helpful and willing to do little things, that were huge for us given we were thousands of kilometres away. We felt that he always acted in our best interests. As issues arose during the process, none of them his doing, he was always there to help and even came up with solutions along the way. In the end, we were delighted with our purchase and with Andrew’s assistance along the way.

Gary and Kimberly Draper, Out of town condo buyers
I was selling a condo, and buying another, so I wanted someone who was knowledgable about condos and the condo market in HRM. When I spoke with Andrew, I felt he had the knowledge and qualities I needed to serve my selling and buying needs.””I really appreciated his up front approach—no gimmicks, no hidden agenda. He sat down with me and told me his approach and what to expect. I also liked his perseverance and cool-headed patience, especially when dealing with difficult potential buyers. This also worked well with my purchase, as no question was unimportant. Every one was answered. His feedback on a timely basis was also appreciated. I didn’t expect or want constant texting or messaging, but I did want to hear when there was something to say or deal with, and he did this very well.””My purchase went smoothly, and he went to bat for me when I needed it. Going through the new unit for final inspection was a nice bonus. He could notice things I wouldn’t necessarily pick up on. Job well done!

June O’Brien, Condo Seller and New Construction Condo Buyer